In the beginning.....

I started a guild in 2002.  We first met at our library, outgrew our space and moved to our community center.  Upon opening my shop in 2006, I had to discontinue the guild meetings due to teaching Continuing Ed Evening Programs in Salem and Derry. 


AKG has always been a full service shop with Private and Individual daytime classes from Wednesday through Saturday.  I am always adding new products and items.  Please, stop by or give a call with any questions or for more information.


My parents raised us to believe in charity work, giving to others helps us to become better people in many ways, seen and unseen.  Here at AKG, we actively assist five charities. 


There are three new additions to Our Charity List....They literally fell into my lap this year, knowing me, I could not say NO!


I have two ladies working in Africa...Brenna with the Peace Corp in Mozambique and Teri and her husband, are missionaries in the Congo.  Both groups are looking for hats, many and any colors and sizes,  The Congo needs tiny hats, as the babies at the hospital where Teri is are very tiny and need to be kept warm.  Little sweaters would also be accepted should you want to knit something besides hats to donate.  I've been told, nights in Africa get chilly. 


The American Heart Association is the third new group to AKG's growing list of charities.  They ask for newborn sized hats in what other color but "RED"!!!  We have a bag ready for delivery knitted by one of my awesome Salem students/friends/Joyce!.  Their month is either January or February.  


With the purchase of "Charity" knitting yarns, I will deduct $1 from the cost of each skein as MY donation to our charities. 


I am still very involved in our Charities donating to 'Neighbors Helping Newborns' and 'A Child's Light', two very special organizations I hold close to my heart.  Both accept knit/crochet hats.


A Child's Light is a group striving to raise awareness to the growing problem of Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Newborn purple hats are collected and distributed to local hospitals. 


Neighbors Helping Newborns distributes many items, the list to long to print here knit/crochet/quilted.  Layettes are presented to many hospitals and pregnancy centers in the local area.  For more information on  information on either, stop by for their brochure.  AKG is their local drop off point!